Our Storytelling Sessions at Listen To Talk To are designed to create a harmonious bridge between the enthusiastic youth and wise elders, celebrating the rich tapestry of experiences and lessons that life has bestowed upon our seniors. These sessions are not merely a sharing of tales but a mutual exchange of respect, learning, and affection, aiming to alleviate the feelings of neglect our elders might experience and provide them with a platform where their wisdom is valued and cherished.

We invite both seniors with stories to unfold and the youth with a zeal to listen and learn, to join this transformative initiative. Let’s unite to weave a world of shared stories and mutual respect. If you’re interested in being a part of this journey, please email


Our Tech Assistance Programs at Listen To Talk To are dedicated to equipping seniors with essential digital skills, enabling them to navigate the internet with confidence and safety. This initiative is enriched by user-friendly online video tutorials, created by knowledgeable and passionate individuals, covering various aspects of internet use. These tutorials are a gateway for our seniors to explore and embrace the digital world, fostering independence and connectivity. If you’re interested in contributing to or benefiting from our tech initiatives, please join us in making the digital realm accessible to all.


Our Senior Awareness Spread at Listen To Talk To is a dynamic initiative aimed at enlightening communities about the realities, needs, and richness of elderly lives. We leverage the vibrancy and reach of social media, where passionate youth express and share insightful facts about our seniors, creating a ripple effect of knowledge and empathy.

This initiative is not just about sharing information; it’s about fostering a deeper understanding and respect for what seniors need and the challenges they face. By giving voice to the youth, we are building bridges of compassion and awareness, ensuring that the essence of senior lives is communicated effectively and resonates with people of all ages. Join us in spreading awareness and let’s create a world where every senior is understood, valued, and supported.

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